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What is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon?

An oral and maxillofacial surgeon is a dental specialist that has committed themselves to additional years of medical study to cover dental surgery in a hospital-based setting. Considered experts of the head, face, jaw and all supporting structures, oral surgeons often help rebuild bones, replace missing teeth or perform jaw surgery . Dr. Howard Cooke is our board-certified oral surgeon in Dallas, TX who offers over 20 years of oral surgery experience with the most cutting-edge technology in the dental industry. With a focus on facial reconstructive surgery, dental implants and advanced anesthesia, Dr. Cooke offers the experience and quality you deserve.

Advantages of Choosing an Oral Surgeon

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Specialized and Experienced in Surgery

In many cases, oral surgery can be an emergency situation or follow soon after hospital care. We offer emergency services to help in your time of need, in our office or at one of the local hospitals. Dr. Cooke maintains hospital affiliations with Methodist Charlton Medical Center, Methodist Medical Center of Dallas and Baylor Scott & White Medical Center at Waxahachie. This allows Dr. Cooke to attend to advanced medical conditions in a surgical and medical-based environment. In addition, Dr. Cooke is certified to safely administer advanced dental anesthesia like IV sedation and general anesthesia so that patients can receive gentle, timely care. Our surgical staff are experienced and well trained oral and maxillofacial surgical assistants. With us, you are always in safe and skilled hands.

Modern Dental Technology

Why Oral Surgeons Stand Out

Beyond years of additional training, what makes an oral surgeon different from a traditional dentist is that we perform these complex surgeries every single day. For many other doctors, dental implants are placed on an infrequent basis and jaw surgeries are referred out to specialists like Dr. Cooke. Our oral surgeon handles these advanced treatments on a regular basis, gaining more experience each time. Oral surgeons extract countless wisdom teeth, both impacted and not, as well as successfully place hundreds of dental implants every year. These kinds of numbers are not seen in general practices. So, when you and your family are looking for safe, predictable surgery, choosing an oral surgeon will lead to the level of care you need for lasting results.

You and Your Family Deserve Experienced Care.

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