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The soft tissues of your mouth include the lips, gums, tongue, cheeks and the muscles that connect them. These tissues are very sensitive and when you need to have treatment performed on any of the soft tissues of the mouth, choosing an oral surgeon can ensure gentle, accurate care. Dr. Howard Cooke offers effective soft tissue treatment in Dallas, TX for gingivectomies, frenectomies and gum grafting. These soft tissue treatments can be performed as both a functional or cosmetic solution, dependent upon your needs or goals.

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Our Soft Tissue Treatments

Gingivectomy treatment is used when there is an excess of gum tissue that covers the teeth or when the gums are infected. We gently remove and reshape the gumline to create a more balanced and healthy smile. This can improve the aesthetics of the teeth-to-gum ratio or functionality, remove infection and allow access to cavities below the gumline.

For some patients, the upper lip and/or tongue may be “tied” with a thin muscle known as the frenum. This can restrict movement leading to concerns like mouth breathing, speech problems and trouble eating. Frenectomies are simple and quick treatments that carefully sever this muscle, freeing the lip or tongue to move properly again.

When gum tissue has receded from the teeth due to damage, infection or other reasons, the sensitive tooth root is exposed. Gum grafting is a soft tissue treatment that restores the gumline to protect the tooth roots and firmly keep the teeth in place.

Benefits of Soft Tissue Care

Gentle Care Through Technology

For most cases of soft tissue treatment, we will utilize our advanced Ellman radiofrequency unit. This technology uses high frequency radio waves, rather than scalpels, to remove and reshape tissue. Typically, treatments with the Ellman radiofrequency unit are quicker to perform and gentler on the soft tissues. During treatment, minimal bleeding occurs due to the unit’s coagulation effect, which removes the need for sutures afterward. Only minimal anesthesia is required and some patients are able to receive care with none at all thanks to the gentle nature of the technology.

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