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Specialty Removal of Problem Wisdom Teeth

Why Wisdom Teeth Removal is Necessary

Your wisdom teeth are extra molars that develop in the back of the mouth during your late teenage years. For most people, there is not enough space in the jaw to support these extra teeth and they end up growing in at an improper angle or being impacted within the gum and jawbone. Impacted wisdom teeth often cause pain, swelling and can become infected. We recommend that patients have their wisdom teeth extracted as soon as they begin to develop in order to avoid these complications, however, adults who still have their wisdom teeth in Dallas, TX can benefit from removal if they’re experiencing pain or infection.

As an oral surgery practice in Dallas, TX, Dr. Howard Cooke and our team specialize in safe and gentle wisdom teeth extractions. Due to Dr. Cooke’s education, training and experience, we’re better able to help our patients of any age no matter how complex their wisdom teeth removal case may be. It’s important to choose an oral surgeon for this procedure since wisdom teeth removal is much more challenging than a standard tooth extraction—extra care and understanding has to be put in to ensure no damage occurs to surrounding teeth, bone, or nerves in the jaw during removal. Dr. Cooke is also trained in advanced anesthesia options to help you receive a surgery free of fear or discomfort.

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Common Symptoms of Problem Wisdom Teeth

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The Process for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Successful wisdom teeth extraction requires careful planning and an in-depth understanding of the jaw and teeth. We begin the procedure by taking detailed x-rays of the jaw with our cone beam CT scanner to identify bone, tooth roots and locations of nerves. This allows us to properly plan the wisdom teeth removal. We offer both general anesthesia and IV sedation as options to help put patients at ease and they are monitored throughout the procedure for safety. During the actual surgery, Dr. Cooke will carefully extract impacted wisdom teeth often by breaking them into manageable pieces and removing them from the gum and bone tissues. Once removed, the gums will be sutured back together and the jaw allowed time to heal. With proper care of the surgery site, patients will be back to normal without jaw pain or oral discomfort.

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