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Why We Offer Same Day Dental Implants

When you’re missing teeth, the effect of the tooth loss becomes immediately apparent both functionally and cosmetically. Those affected by tooth loss may experience difficulty speaking, eating, closing their mouth properly and even feel shame or embarrassment about their smile. To overcome these obstacles, replacing missing teeth as quickly as possible is a benefit to both health and quality of life. This is why our skilled oral surgeon, Dr. Howard Cooke, and our entire implant team offer same day dental implants in Dallas, TX. We’re able to extract damaged or failing teeth and replace it with implants in a single day, so you or a loved one can go back to living a natural, healthy and happy life.

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Getting New Teeth Has Never Been Easier

Same day dental implant treatment is more than just having an implant placed in an empty space in just a single day. Our team can provide you with treatment for every step of the process and works closely with experienced dental labs or your general dentist to ensure that the process is streamlined. We also use advanced dental technology to help safely and precisely place your implants, including cone beam CT scans and guided implant surgery. Even if you were previously told you were not a candidate for dental implants because of lack of bone volume, Dr. Cooke can offer bone grafting care to get you ready for same day dental implants right here in our Dallas, TX office. For most patients, we are even able to extract remaining or failing teeth and still place implants that very day! Same day dental implants can be used for:


The benefits of receiving same day dental implants is extraordinary. Imagine going from an incomplete or flawed smile, to a complete and healthy look in just one appointment. This is especially valuable to those patients who may have experienced a dental trauma and suddenly lost a tooth. The ability to replace missing teeth in such a timely manner can do wonders for both self-esteem and lifestyle, as many people will never know you were even missing a tooth! Dr. Cooke’s years of surgical and implant experience makes him an expert at the successful placement of implants in a single day, so what are you waiting for?

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