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Having an improper jaw position or a damaged jaw can significantly impact your life on a daily basis. If you’re experiencing constant jaw pain, a bite that doesn’t connect properly, have trouble eating or get frequent headaches, the problem may lie with your jaw position or muscles. If left untreated, patients typically experience conditions that worsen over time, gradually harming the jawbone and muscles. Dr. Howard Cooke, our board-certified oral surgeon, has the experience and training to help correct these concerns through orthognathic surgery or corrective jaw surgery in Dallas, TX.

Jaw surgery typically involves correcting problems in the bones of the jaw, along with realigning the teeth for a more harmonious and healthier fit. In some cases, we may even need to perform surgeries on the muscles of the mouth to allow for improved swallowing, speech or TMJ function. While jaw surgery is a more invasive procedure, the results are nothing short of life-changing. Patients are able to live a transformed life, going from a debilitating jaw to completely restored function without pain and with a more balanced facial shape.

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Conditions Jaw Surgery Can Help

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Why Choose an Oral Surgeon for Jaw Surgery?

Dr. Cooke is an oral surgeon with over 20 years of experience behind him along with additional years of medical and surgical training after completing his dental study. This gives us a superior understanding of the jaw, teeth, nerves and bones and how they should function properly. Our practice is adjacent to a major hospital as well as surgical centers to provide easy access to outpatient services and inpatient hospital care. Dr. Cooke is also trained in the safe administration of anesthesia, including general anesthesia and IV sedation to help our patients receive their treatments without the fear or discomfort associated with jaw surgery. Our practice prides itself on being a center for excellence, striving to help our patients restore their quality of life with transformative jaw surgery.

Benefits of Corrective Jaw Surgery

Customized Treatment Plans

When you’re in need of jaw surgery, we work closely with you and your general dentist and orthodontist to develop treatment plans that work for you. We want to ensure your jaw functions properly for a lifetime, so we never cut corners or give you a one-size-fits-all treatment plan. With the help of advanced technology like cone beam CT scanners and intraoral cameras, we’re able to get detailed images of your jaw, including the bones, nerves and teeth. These images allow us to create a truly unique treatment plan based around your needs and goals. And on the day of surgery, you have choices when it comes to anesthesia to ensure your safety and comfort. Once completed, you’ll be able to enjoy a fully functional and attractive jaw.

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