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Repairing Damage to Restore Your Lifestyle

Accidents happen and are almost always unexpected. When the worst occurs, timely treatment is the best way to correct damage, restore function and return life back to normal. If you or a loved one has been in an accident and requires an emergency oral surgeon in Dallas, TX, Dr. Howard Cooke, a board-certified oral surgeon, can fit your case into his schedule so that your treatment becomes a priority. Our office is strategically located adjacent to a major hospital and surgical centers. This allows us to provide emergency oral surgery to both outpatient and inpatient cases in a quick and effective manner.

Common Signs of an Oral Emergency

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Facial Trauma and Jaw Surgery

When damage has been done to the jaw, it is important to repair the mouth as soon as possible. Jaw surgery can be performed both in our office or in a hospital setting depending on your needs and the severity of the case. Dr. Cooke is trained to offer advanced anesthesia so that major procedures can be performed quickly and without further discomfort to the patient. We can often rebuild damaged, broken or fractured facial bones and get you back to a natural appearance.

Painful, Problematic Teeth

While we do everything to save natural teeth, sometimes extraction is necessary to preserve health. Severely damaged or decayed teeth may need to be removed to protect the existing jawbone or surrounding teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth are another reason for extraction and involve a more in-depth surgery to safely remove them without harm to the jaw. We recommend that patients who have had a tooth extracted (except for wisdom teeth) get missing teeth replaced with dental implants, a lifelike and long-term tooth replacement solution.

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