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The purpose of your jawbone is to support your teeth so that they can be used to eat, bite and chew properly. When you’re missing teeth, the jawbone no longer serves a purpose and will naturally begin to deteriorate over time. This deterioration of bone proves to be a problem for those who are seeking a tooth replacement solution in dental implants. Since implants are placed into the bone tissue to act as a tooth root, they require adequate volume to be supported. Because bone does not grow back on its own, Dr. Howard Cooke offers patients bone grafting in Dallas, TX. Bone grafting is a procedure that’s used to restore bone volume in order to enhance the jaw and create a suitable foundation for dental implants. And as an oral surgery specialty practice, Dr. Cooke and our team excel at the safe and gentle regeneration of bone so you can enjoy the smile you deserve.

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Bone grafting material is created by taking a sample of bone from either you or a donor source and converting it into fine granules. These granules are then placed at the site of bone loss and allowed to heal. Dr. Cooke offers advanced healing treatments including plasma rich growth factors (PRGF), platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and bone morphogenic protein (BMP) to help bone grafting treatments heal quicker and more successfully. For those still apprehensive of the treatment, we offer leading anesthesia options to help calm nerves and block sensations of discomfort. Once your bone grafting treatment is completed and you have had time to heal, we can proceed with the placement of dental implants to replace missing teeth and restore your smile.

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